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Suzanne Booker-Canfield, Ph.D.


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My son has learning differences and had begun to disengage from school. With Suzanne’s coaching, he reconnected and began to improve in both reading and writing. He looked forward to their sessions, where Suzanne kindled his real passion for learning.  She became a mentor to him, and even years later, Suzanne feels like family to us.

My daughter worked with Suzanne for academic tutoring and college counseling. Not only did my daughter get in her first-choice school, but she also used Suzanne’s approach to tackling writing projects and became a standout writer in one of the nation’s toughest liberal arts colleges. We’re grateful that Suzanne provided such a strong foundation for college and beyond.

Suzanne worked with both my son and daughter from the middle school days until the time they were admitted into their dream universities.  She has the reputation for being the go-to person to help young people achieve their goals. As a tutor, she was perfect for both children; as a test prep coach, she helped them achieve excellent results, and as a college counselor she addressed each child’s unique situation.  My husband and I were thrilled with her work and my son and daughter not only looked forward to their sessions but also recognized that she cared deeply about their success. Suzanne has that rare gift of knowing how each child learns and was able to teach them accordingly. She also treated them with utmost respect and she cared about them personally so they felt completely comfortable asking questions and letting her know where they felt their weaknesses were. Suzanne has a delightful sense of humor, which both of our children appreciated!

When our daughter wanted to transfer after her freshman year in college, I wasn’t sure how to help her.  Fortunately, I was able to connect with Suzanne, and she responded immediately. Within a week, she was able to help us analyze the situation and handle the complicated application. My daughter completed her transfer application and was accepted. What a relief!

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Knowing Suzanne was just a text away gave my daughter the confidence she needed to deal with the academic demands of attending Harvard. Suzanne was invaluable in helping her understand what the professor was looking for in certain writing assignments. Suzanne’s also good at decoding complex ideas in a way that made them easy to understand. As parents, we were so relieved to know that she had Suzanne as her lifeline.

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Suzanne has played an important role in the education of our three sons.  We have valued both her extraordinary teaching ability and personal commitment. The benefit of working with Suzanne manifests itself both in their writing and in their greatly improved PSAT to ACT scores. 

Our entire family thinks the world of Suzanne. [Our son] flat out calls her an Angel. He says it every time her name comes up - Mrs. Canfield is an ANGEL! [Our daughters] often talk about how well they write and attribute all of their skills to Suzanne. I have never met a person willing to go above and beyond to help her students the way she does. She is kind and understanding and a true life-saver! The dedication she shows to her students is unparalleled. The fact that she calls to gather the curriculum for my kids’ classes each year and then rereads books that she’s certainly read 1000 times just to make sure that she’s as ready and current as she can be is unmatched. I can’t thank her enough for the confidence that she has instilled in each one of them regarding their abilities to understand and write about literature. It has taken a huge weight off my shoulders over the years knowing that they have Suzanne in their corner!!!

Just wanted to update you on the latest about Nelly's New Start. Catholic Charities (one of the places I sent a copy of the book to) loved the idea so much that they've offered to publish and distribute the book! I'm so glad that it will continue to impact the homeless youth of Chicago. I am also told they are going to pitch it at a national meeting so it can be distributed more widely. None of this would've been possible without your help. I'm so thankful!! I'll keep you updated on the latest with the book.

Hey Suzanne, I just wanted to tell you that I am officially signing tomorrow, and I couldn't have done it without you! Honestly, you were the biggest help in this college process and in finding the right fit for me to play D1. Thank you!

I want to thank you all for your outstanding academic support and help during the college search. We’re glad [our son] ended up at a college that's a great fit for him and it not only meets his academic standards, it is also an excellent place for him to continue to pursue golf. Your encouragement and hard work on his behalf is very much appreciated. He took total ownership of this process (even though I wanted to get involved), and he is extremely happy with how it all turned out. We are so happy for him and wanted to be sure you know how grateful we are that you were there for him every step of the way.

Suzanne has helped two sons and a daughter navigate writing assignments for classes ranging from high school English to college economics and environmental science.  While I have loved seeing the progression in their writing for school assignments, what has been most notable — and maybe even more telling — is my husband’s and my disbelief in their level of discourse when it comes to writing letters and texts to us as well as their conversations with us at the dinner table and with family and friends.  Each one of them has matured beyond their years in their ability to present complex ideas for classroom assignments as well as informal conversations.  The older children have had success beyond their own expectations in employment interviews and much of that is due to the way Suzanne has helped them frame arguments and explanations. Suzanne’s personal style and her ability to help people when they feel the most vulnerable is a unique talent and your children will be so appreciative to have her in their camp.

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