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Since 2002, Dr. Suzanne Booker-Canfield has worked with hundreds of junior high, high school, and college students both nationally and internationally. Before beginning her educational consulting career, she received her NASD securities licenses and worked as a Trust Officer at Wachovia Bank, where she managed multimillion-dollar employee benefits funds for Fortune 500 companies. With a background that includes business, finance, and academia, she offers a unique combination of practical expertise and academic credentials that allow her to work with a broad range of students and families.

After earning her doctorate in English and co-authoring a book on contemporary southern fiction, Dr. Booker-Canfield was asked to tutor several accomplished high school students. She developed curricula for one-on-one tutoring both for enrichment and remediation and discovered her passion for working with young people. She is highly regarded both for her teaching of writing, critical thinking, oral presentation, logic, and study skills, and for her work as a college admissions counselor.


Dr. Booker-Canfield serves as Vice Chairman of Legislation and Policy for The Garden Club of America and as a member of the Midwest Council of the Natural Resources Defense Council. She has served as U.S. Co-Chair of the Mentoring Programme and the Advancing Linacre campaign for Linacre College, University of Oxford, where she studied as a Richard M. Weaver Fellow. 

Suzanne Booker-Canfield, Ph.D.



My son has learning differences and had begun to disengage from school. With Suzanne’s coaching, he reconnected and began to improve in both reading and writing. He looked forward to their sessions, where Suzanne kindled his real passion for learning.  She became a mentor to him, and even years later, Suzanne feels like family to us.

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